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jarnoburger /
The Hague

We are swapping office this week.
Its from the WassenaarseWeg towards the 2DaysArt-office on the weimarstraat.

We are already moving the smaller stuff with a car.
But the desks and stuff must go into a van.

Can anybody help ?

Goyo /
Amsterdam - Den Haag (Haarlem)

I offer to help people to move from art galleries , private houses or public places.
I work in a moving company so i have experience doing so , I have no vehicle so I could help only physically but i have lots of energy .

Video Manus /


This Sunday we will take part in a food market in Amstelpark Amsterdam. We would need transportation by Van or big Car (Stationwagon size?) from Bos en Lommer to Amstelpark in the morning and back to Bos en the evening.

We would need to be picked up around 9am to go to Amstelpark, and picked up from Amstelpark at 18.00 to return to Bos en Lommer. I guess driving including loading up would be about an hour each way, i can pay 4 hours plus some paper money (euros) for the petrol.


Mathijs Lieshout /
Rotterdam - Utrecht

Wanted, this month, really!

A DRIVER! for a van

I need to move out a studio, including a big machine.

This is a full days work.

It's an excellent way to get a lot of hours in one day.

My balance on this website shows 2 hours now, but I recently worked in the timebank restaurant, so I actually have a lot more hours to pay you.

mobile: 06 24917319

amirhouieh /
The Hague

Hello friends

I am Amir, and I am student at KABK.
I am going to move in new place. So, I will need to be helped by someone who has a van or small truck. It dosent take many hours to do that, ( max 2 hours). but I will pay 4 hours. good deal!
*and do not worry I am not going to ask you for giving a hand to carry the stuffs. I will be helped with a friend of mine. :)

here is some information in detail of what is going to be happen:

- Date ( one of these dates would be great, depends on your availability):
22th of december, or 23th of december or 24th of december

- Hours: it is up to you, does not matter. whenever you feel like to be free for 2 hours.

- Locations
From: Van Bylandtstraat 85, The Hague
To: Coevordenstraat 378, The Hague
* there would be a stop by way of there, I have to take a very small refrigerator.

- Stuffs which should be carried:
. sofa (size: 2m * 70 cm * 90 cm )
. shelf book ( size: 1.8m * 70 cm * 20 cm )
. 2 chairs
. mattress ( size: 1.8m * 80 cm * 5 cm )
. microwave
. baggage ( size: 80 cm * 50 cm * 20 cm )
. very small refrigerator ( 70 cm * 30 cm * 40 cm )

So, I look forward to hearing from you. please message me or contact me by email or phone.


Mathijs Lieshout /
Rotterdam - Utrecht

Wanted: driver

Do you have a drivers license? Can you carry heavy things? Are you not afraid to drive a large van?

I need to move out a studio and transport stuff to Utrecht and Amsterdam

This needs to be done on of the following days:

December 29, 30, or 31.

This job takes at least 8 hours. I will have those hours to pay you in time by the end of the month.

Interested? send me a message!

Claudia DMB /

De Canadese kano geschikt om met 5/6 man op stap te gaan en kan je vanaf hier een heel end door varen, naar Leiden en verder, maar ook een half uurtje vanaf hier is echt leuk, kun je picknicken aan het Valkenburgs meer.

De hour notes voor dit project worden verzameld door mensen die zeggen de boot ook een aantal uur te willen meenemen.

Het geld voor het opknappen van deze boot komt van een aantal vrienden die nu een al een abbonnement hebben op deze nog op te knappen Canadees.

Via Time Bank zoek ik meer mensen om de boot mee te delen!

Leuk om iemand een dagdeel of abbonement canadees varen cadeau te geven voor een speciale gelegenheid of zomaar, de vakantie vast plannen.

De incidenteel gebruik van de boot voor hour notes of evt geld voor de opknappot zal via mij gaan, reserveren via SMS 0610472228, abonnees hebben een google doc waar ze zelf de dagdelen beheren en kijken wanneer zij er gebruik van maken.

Een klein tonnetje voor kostbaarheden kunt u meekrijgen, zwemvest voor kids zonder ABC is handig om mee te nemen, heb ik nog niet, kan komen als mensen gaan huren voor geld of zwemvestjes geven.

Gebruiksvergoeding los is 1 hour note, als boot niet in gebruik is door abonnees,
Als je liever geld geeft om op te knappen moet je ongeer aan 15 eu per dagdeel denken.

Hour Note Abonnementen: 12 Hour Notes per jaar

12 dagdelen, waarvan in ieder geval 3 in het weekend overdag (zaterdag en zondag)

12 dagdelen,waarvan in ieder geval 6 in de zomervakantie door de week
(maandag t/m vrijdagmiddag)

12 dagdelen, waarvan 6 in het weekend (vrijdagavond tot zondagavond)

12 dagdelen, waarvan in ieder geval 9 in de schoolvakanties buiten de zomer
(maandag tot vrijdagmiddag)

Dagdelen: Ochtend tot 12.30 , Middag tot 17.30, Avond tot 22.30
Aaneensluiten van dagdelen mogelijk indien beschikbaar.
Camping op 10 min. fietsen in de buurt aanwezig, dus de volgende dag weer op pad!

Borg voor boot en peddels en ton: € 25,00

Reserveer nu alvast je weekend of zomervakantie in ruil voor hour notes!

Groetjes van Claudia

Mathijs Lieshout /
Rotterdam + Randstad

The last week of December I need to move out a studio. A large woodworking machine, big boxes on pallets, wood, etc.

This needs to go to a storage in Utrecht and a studio in Amsterdam.

It would be ideal if you have a large van yourself, with a lift. The lift needs to carry 750kg. (the machine).

In 2013, beginning of February, I have more transport work. Smaller stuff that needs to go from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and back again a week later.

Minky Katvisie /
The Hague (Loosduinen) - Rotterdam

For my job as a cat behaviourist, I need to do some house calls every now and then, to visit people with cats at their homes. Since I am an older person who is afflicted by reumatic problems, it is hard for me to go there by train (especially in the winter). I would be very much helped if someone could give me a ride to an appointment in Rotterdam. Please contact me by mail or by phone (070-3974813)

Settiaatje /

Hi there!

My name is Settia a starting visual artist and I will be presenting my work next sunday (21-10) at the lifestyle Swan Market in Rotterdam.

I can't drive and I need someone to bring me to the location and take me back. I really could use youre help!

From my place to the location is 17 min so let's say half hour incl, unloading etc.

So are you able to bring me Sunday 21 October to the Swan Market? I would like to depart at 10:00 from my place and you can pick me up at 17:00.

Thank you in advance, if you have any questions please sent me a email.

P.S. Time-wise it would be handy if you from Rotterdam also.
In return I will cook you a nice meal.

Lucy /

A nice tour through the best parts of Rotterdam by foot or bicycle (bring your own)! I'll show you the best places to go to for lunch, coffeebars, beautiful buildings + bridges, sweet places to go dancing, parks, market, boutiques and all of the hidden places Rotterdam has to offer :-)

Elsa Pan /
den haag

Hey people,

I currently have to move to another house (between 27-29 June, any hour).

I wonder if there is anyone with a car/van willing to help me moving my stuff to my new address.

The house is very near, but since i have to many things, it might be needed to go there twice.

Hope to hear from you!!!

Thanks in advance :)

Mathijs Lieshout /

For the 26th of june I'm looking for someone who has a van or large car who can bring some sheets (244x122) of wood (and stuff) to the w139 in Amsterdam.

In the morning, the earlier the better. Preferably not later then 9.00 am.

I'm building some things for platform BK, your help will be much appreciated, will benefit artists and mankind in general and will of course be rewarded with hours which you can spend here.