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bergman /

We need advice on basic chemistry. We want to use a powder dispersant dye to color paper and need advice on the medium and how to be safe doing it.

Sindy /

I am currently working on my master thesis and would appreciate some help and feedback regarding the grammar, structure, content of the text and things I might have glossed over when writing. I'd also prefer to discuss and receive feedback in person, so if you're a native english speaker and live in Amsterdam:
Perhaps you could help me out? :)

Ronald Huynen /
den haag

Can you help me to make my small business more sustainable?

I produce presentation equipment for artists, designers, galleries, fairs, museums. Mostly I work with wood and usually my products have to be transported to my clients throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, and occasionally shipped world wide.

It' s a small and specific business and I have no intentions to scale this up. However I'd like to improve my way of working. Safe materials and waste, use enviroment friendly wood types, find green syppliers and transport companies.

It would be good to get help of someone who can think along with me on this and who can research the possibilies and concequences for changing some of my work methods. No specific knowledge of my trade is needed, only some good investigation skills and affinity with sustainable projects.

Please contact me by email:

Ronald Huynen /
den haag

Voor mijn bedrijf(je) wil ik enkele nieuwe Algemene Voorwaarden en Leveringscondities opstellen. Wie kan me hierin adviseren? Zou je het leuk vinden om een en ander hierover te onderzoeken?

Juridische achtergrond is niet per sé noodzakelijk. Ervaring met het maken zakelijke afspraken / contracten bij voorkeur wel.

federica flux /
Boston MA USA


I'm doing a project for a design bench in Boston!

I need someone living there able to make a phone interview. I have to develop a video and I would like to have direct suggestions of the place where the bench would be posed!

I'm living in Italy atm and it would be very no ecologic go there just to pick a idea of the landscape on my own :)
I'm looking for someone who could give me some of the feeling about living that area of the city which goes along Fort Point Channel.

Thanks a lo!!

Nine /
Delft (or close to delft)

Do you need participants for a research or testpersons? I can help you find people and/or participate myself.
I have conducted several user researches during my bachelor and master (industrial design) and have gained insights in methods. If you need me, just write me a message!

redwood.martinez /

In a recent speech, Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa called for an end to this construction process where people in Ecuador leave their homes perpetually incomplete–adding a second or third floor when it is needed, either for additional income through rent or for when their kids grow up.

A friend told me that this speech can be found here: but since I do not speak Spanish well, I wanted to see if someone would be available to watch this speech and let me know the place where Correa talks about this housing construction issue.

He will probably say "varillas" or "columnas." A friend tells me this section is only a few minutes long and is not in the first hour of the speech.

No need to be based anywhere, just need an internet connection and be able to watch this video off youtube. Let me know if you have any questions!

Ronald Huynen /
den haag

In a few months I'm planning to offer a book publishing course to the time/bank community. These topics will be covered:

-Software: Adobe Indesign (incl some minimum knowledge of Photoshop)
-Typography, lay out, design principles
-Color profiling
-Printing (DIY, and printers)
-Book / magazine binding
-Distribution and sale
The course will be offered exclusively for time bank hours.

Who's interested to help me? I could use some extra expertise and feed back on some of the above topics. Even if you only have knowledge on one of the topics I'm interested in your help.

Besides the specific knowledge on publishing, we could need someone to help with the general organization of this course (find a location, contacting students, writing out course material etc).

Do you think you can contribute in any way? Just send me a message!

jarnoburger /
The Hague

Video projections and surround sounds.
Controlled by your own hart and lung rythm.
Chilling super relaxed inside our dome.
The projections are like in a small personal IMAX theater (all around you).
It gives you a happy and good feeling , to just play around :).

We call it a 'Art in Progress' project.
Meaning.. We are still developing the project.
But people can already experience it already :).

We are offering :
- sessions inside the dome by us.
- a place where teachers/doctors/psychiarists/meditation-teachers that already have a proven hart/lung-biofeedback interest , to start their own sessions with their own club.

We are in a materialistic need for :
- a outer tent skin for our dome.
- better beamers.
- better calculation hardware.

So we are trying to solve the 'materialistic part' with :
- promotors

Our dome is insde the HaagseBluf 14 The Hague.

lucy.cantwell /
Chicago IL

I have the time and the experience to help you research your art (historical) projects.
I am interested in the political economies of art, its salience in modern life, how information is controlled, and your project, as long as you are intelligent and passionate about it. Teach me something I wouldn't have thought of otherwise and I will contribute, ongoing if applicable, research and time to making your project better.

Apple29 /
Monza - Milano - Bratislava

Hi to everybody. I have to finish my dissertation work about contemporary art in Slovakia and prepare a research for a summit that will be done the 12 of June in Bari, Italy, for an important project called Giant Step ( I'd like to spent the time of the research exchanging ideas with who could be interested on investigate about the system of contemporary art in Slovakia, and in other countries of the old Communist Block. I'm sk for a half, I have a lot of connections with those places, because a part of my family still live there and because I studied already for one year the situation, working in a gallery in Bratislava and creating a web of friends, artists, curators, etc. The deadline it's on June, so I would like to work hard. If you're a researcher too, or an artist, a photographer, a videomaker -I plan to create a documentary of different interviews to important people bounded with the artworld- and you would enjoy the staying in a spacious and creative house in one of the best area near Milano, and if you're curious to travel for some days with me to Bratislava, and if you believe in the importance of the research, please contact me soon.
I will appreciate who has good skills, and a mature consciousness in the art field.

pauladiezh /


I am gonna be in Berlin the next weekend with a friend. We both are students in The Hague, me spanish and her portuguese!
I would like to ask for someone to make us a written plan with some nice plans that usually tourist cannot do! :) places, restaurants.

We are also looking for any cheap hostel to stay!



williebrisco /

Curator will listen and assist in project development.

jenhelfrich /


I work as an academic (and creative) English proofreader and editor. I would be happy to offer my services in editing or proofreading your work. I can help make a rough Google Translate of non-English read smoothly to a native English speaker. I can help English writers improve their grammar and sentence structure - or give feedback on the overall flow and content of a piece.

I also have access to University level Academic subscriptions and can help you access or find scholarly articles on your chosen subject

We can work out how much time it will take once we know what you need. I look forward to working with you!



Jonna /
frankfurt am Main

I offer myself for a four hour ComedyMovieWatch