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WORK intern /
New York City

I am looking to form a time bank system in order to pay down our student debt. This will begin as an online representation of the unpaid work we do through internships, volunteer jobs, and work that is not usually defined as work (i.e. baking cookies for your neighbors). What will begin as a conceptual project will evolve into something more groundbreaking where Sallie Mae and the federal government may start to see value in our work and accept our time as a form of currency to relieve our debt.

What I need:

- A group of collaborators
- A someone who knows how to build an open platform website like this one
- Help with publicity
- Help contacting organizations/businesses that would be willing to give "timedebt" credits to their unpaid workers
- Help figuring out how to get our creditors to accept these time credit payments as debt payments

Panamarenk /
's-Hertogenbosch & Nederland

Graag bied ik enkele uren assistentie aan initiatieven die op cultureel of sociaal vlak, vanuit de gemeenschap ontstaan.

Steeds meer organiseren burgers zichzelf op vlakken waar voorheen de overheid dit deed. Uit engagement of uit pure noodzaak. Vaak lopen die initiatieven dood omdat er wel de wil en noodzaak is, de initiatieven voort te zetten, maar men niet de vorm kan vinden om dit een volwaardig concept te laten zijn. Ik kan daarin helpen. Het ontstond vanuit de gemeenschap, maar moet zich professionaliseren, zonder daarbij de "wortels" uit het oog te verliezen.

Ik kan helpen met het placeren, structureren en bouwen van het concept, uitwerking in concrete en werkbare vormen. Ik heb een groot netwerk in de culturele sector en in de media.


- Culturele initiatieven vanuit doelgroepen en buurten;
- Nieuwe zorg en zorgdiensten;
- Urban gardening projecten;
- Crowdfunding
- "Delen" in diensten, middelen en mensen.

adam uriel /

Would be really helped by someone who can be a 'rock to be build on' and a guide for me in this process of applying for funding, and sponsoring for a highly ambitious high-tech art project.
The project's goal is to realize an interactive painting installation, using 3D holographic projection. This installation forms the last part of a mural I am creating in the 500 year old main building of Leiden university.

am intending to apply to:
fonds 1818
media fonds
leiden universiteits fonds
gemeente leiden
gemeente den haag
mondriaan fonds
as well as to companies for sponsoring.
Japanese, Korean car and electronics companies.

please mail me to receive a project description.
or call
06 33 25 85 73

looking forward to hear from you!


ps: time of writing: 18/3/13. but please don't hesitate to reply even if you see this date being some time in the past already, might still be very welcome.

Yolanda Uriz /
den haag

I need an accountant to make my year taxtes declaration. I have a one person company (een man zakelijk) with no much activity so should not be so hard. I would really appreciate your help!

Bianca Pereira ... /
(almost) Den Haag

This request is for Berlin connoisseurs who are willing and able to share their local knowledge and experience on Berlin’s DIY community to contribute to a memorable new years. We want to explore urban gardening and farming projects, riverfront bars and clubs, old and new collaborative housing projects and meet coveted artists from all walks of life!

Who: Roadtrip of four, two couples
When: The weekend of 28, 29, 30, 31st of December including January 1st.
1. A list of available accommodations (linked to urban gardening/ farming projects/ collaborative housing projects) including contact details and price indication per person per night in the indicated period. No couchsurfing, bunkbeds and we wish to stay in separate rooms in possible. Apartments tips are welcome. But beware that we have a low budget.
2. In addition and in adherence with the proposed accommodation a list of adventurous endeavors for that weekend.

Looking forward to your tips!

Deadline: December 7th.

smok108 /

I'm founder of website, containing informations about many places in Holland.
I need lot of content: text, audio, video and such.
In exchange I can offer coding, scripting and traing.
I have prepared simiar websites on other EU countries.

smok108 /
den haag centrum

Iḿ looking for space for storage. Min 1 square meter, dry, closed. Payment in hours: computer skills or some manual worx.
Ideal offer, if you need some IT services in exchange of sharing some space.

smok108 /
Den Haag and surrounding area

Two hours of installing Liunux on your pc, fixing problems or maintenance. Don't have to pay for expensive software and niew PC, all you need for work can be installed in 2 hours. I do Ubuntu and Debian.

hazzanizza /
Belgium or Screencast

You have like a zillion photo's, so many that its a waste of time to find that georgious shot of that giraffe or flower, tree, car or friend - again and again and again.

I learn you to have the courage to immediatly throw away those pics that you should never have to look at again. Even if it is the eight in a row smile of your baby.

Then you are left with only a million pics that are really worth looking at.

The Green Coach /
The Hague

Green is fun :) I would like to help you and your business to work more conscious and become more sustainable. If you have an organizational issue, need someone for your office management or need help with your career, please contact me!

Syrizopoulos /
Brooklyn New York

I am looking for individuals who are unsatisfied with the quality of their internship experience(s), or unsatisfied with the internship system in general. I would like to arrange a group meeting where we can discuss what it is about the internship system that we find unpleasant or exploitative, so that we can come up with some solutions as to how to make the internship system more fair, both for the interns as well as for the 'employer.' These could include a contract that interns can request their employer to abide by, for example.

If anyone is interested please get in touch. We can arrange a meeting time appropriate for all.

Thank you,
John Syrizopoulos.

Bianca Pereira ... /
The Hague

I have two computers in my house. A PC and a laptop. Both need to be look at. Programs need to be taken off, installations need to be made/ updated etc. Ii would also like to synchronize both of them...All of which I have no knowledge/experience or patience for. Who likes doing this and wants to help me get back on track again!?