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TJ /
Anywhere dotcom -- prefer NYC

Please translate the English text into Italian.

Please dictate the Italian language as an MP3 (or any audio file format).

Ideally, you are in NYC and can meet, so that I may use my own recording device.

Text to be provided.... 100 words.

Sergei Vasilev /

I'm looking for someone who could help with the translation into German with Russian. Also wishes to practice in Russian-German speech on Skype.

E.M.Claus /
Den Haag and Amsterdam

ik zoek een fotogra(a)f(e) voor a. foto''s van 2 kamers in mijn huis, alsmede b. voor een goede portretfoto van mijzelf, bestemd voor mijn folder en internetsite

BrianCarpenter /
santa barbara

If you mail me a sign I'll hold it near Traffic in Santa Barbara CA

Ciprian /
Brussels - Belgium

Let's say you're applying for a job and you're facing the dreaded 'cover letter'. In one tab of the Internet browser you have a list of job requirements/tasks and in the other you have an empty Google docs file. Now it's time to write the letter. But it has to be personalized to the job offer, in perfect English and it has to stand out from the 354 other letters. Also, you need to have a fairly good knowledge of the company that you're applying to. On top of that, there's one other obstacle: you hate writing.

This is where I come in. I am able to write creative texts that have a powerful impression on the reader. Furthermore, I can take a ready-made text and transform it to communicate its message more effectively, more persuasively, while being able to quickly research any subject and adapt my writing to the 'feel' of that subject.

I've written advertisements for TV, radio, print and online, college admission essays, cover letters, essays, poems and short stories. I even wrote creatively seducing text messages for some (anonymous) friends of mine to use on their night out. So, if you need somebody who breathes writing every day to take a look at your text, edit it, or create one from scratch, I'm your guy.

InEnArt - Sense... /

On the occasion of the 13th Istanbul Biennial and following the protests in Turkey InEnArt presents Urban Voices as a thematic independent project.

Urban Voices opens a critical view on cultural practices and phenomena that expresses the ethos, aspirations, and dreams of a specific population during a well-defined era and that triggered dramatic cultural changes.

Urban Voices is focussing on phenomena that are leaving a lasting impact on mainstream cultural values as the Situationist International did with the practices of drifting and détournemont which finally led to the student protests in 1968.

Within Urban Voice is Place Hacking the more recent challange form of 'drifting' exploring the indefinite urban environment and appropriating it as public space.

The protest culture in Turkey as described with the neologism Çapuling became as well a gobal cultural movement by integrating the unique nature of demonstrations.

Urban Voices shows the artistic reflection of the urban methaphorsis based on topics like culture, politics, social values, gentrification or commercialisation of the society as reflected and debated in the détournemont section.

The InEnArt team and its authors will regularly ad new posts, articels and comments to Urban Voices and will start with a critical debate about it.

BrianCarpenter /
internet Google Hangouts

I am a native English speaker with a High IQ in the vocabulary section. Do you want to practice advanced English with someone in the US?

simalandrea /
den haag

I am fluent in Spanish, Dutch, English and Papiamentu.

If you need any help at all with any of these languages whether it is for tranlations, proofreading, writing a letter, homework assistance for your kids, writing a love letters or even if you only have a short question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am not a certified translator or anything of the sort, but I am fluent in all four languages and I use them all every day.

I have never given language lessons, so if that is what you are looking for we might be able to work something out and experiment with it.

Have a nice day,
Andrea Simal

danielboese /
Hamburg / the web

I will set up your own webserver in the Amazon cloud for you. As Dave Winer, the inventor of RSS, writes: "Most people think they can't run a server, but servers aren't any more complicated than a laptop. The main difference is that a server is always on and always connected to the Internet. "

I will also configure your own personal River of News of your favorite rss-feeds there. Just like this River of worldnews:

More info is here:

Regine Basha /
Brooklyn / New York City

To update and add images onto
They have to be re-sized, which i am terrible at doing!
Also, i need to learn to de-clutter and organize the Mac better (like with those softwares that find doubles etc).
Are you super adept at these things??
If you are it may take you an hour or 2!
Hoping to do this before September.

Denise /

Having trouble writing about your work? I'm happy to help edit and polish already-drafted grant or project proposals, artist statements, articles, essays, letters, or text on your website. If it would be useful to you I can also help you articulate ideas in writing as part of your drafting process. We can work via email or Skype.