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De Nieuwe Groene /

We trade 40 Time Hour Notes for 1 season weekly share in our micro CSA. 15 May-15 Dec

We give out max 2 shares per person, you can also buy extra shares for the season if you want to. (for a full week produce you need 5-7 shares of green and 1 of 2 fruit. egg shares are available 1 share weekly or every other week, to full members only, untill we have more chicken)

A share may contain any vegatable or fruit that is available that week, but wil be a resonable amount of greens for a good 1 person meal or a lovely side dish for 2.

You can also take a shot at growing your own and sharing with us in the CSA, we take in farmers!

Weekly shares can be picked up at the Garden in Wassenaar

(but you can ask someone to do it for you in return for an hour note)

30. Apr. 2013
Masa /
den haag

Capturing ones unique qualities, translating them into personal stamps.

Masaaki's personalised stamps make for a special gift to yourself, good friends, family or colleagues. Just make make an appointment with Masaaki for a short interview. Based on the outcome he will “capture” you by creating your own unique and personalised stamp.

How does it work

1. Short interview
It best to meet in person, I like to meet in a cafe to have an interview and it takes about 30 minute. We can do via Skype, but ONLY if you are living really far.

2. Visualizing your essence
I make sketches of your essence after the interview,
and we decide what going to be in your stamp.

3. Making stamp
I finalize the sketch and make into stamp at my studio and you will hear when it finished.
It take about 1 to 2 weeks after the interview. (depending of my schedule)

Renee /
Amsterdam/ Aalsmeer


I am looking for somebody that can teach me a bit about how to improve playing the accordeon. At your place or in my place.
I can pay in hours but I could also teach you in exchainge some basics on the guitar.



Lukas van Buuren /
Anywhere in the Netherlands

LekLab staat voor vernieuwing en het ontwikkelen van creatieve concepten. U kunt LekLab inhuren voor het bedenken en uitvoeren van een huisstijl, postercampagen, een trailer of een complete presentatie.

Buitengewonen gebeurtenissen zijn aanleiding tot het vormgeven. Dit zoekt LekLab op doormiddel van zijn uniek strategie. Durf en Experiment!

LekLab kan een adviserende, motiverende en ondersteunende plaats innemen in het samen ontwikkelen van een concept.

Eveline /

I recently moved to my new appartment. Some of my boxes with books stell need to be carried up from the basement to my appartment (4th floor). It will probably take only half an hour or so, but it's too much to do by myself. So please help!!

19. Apr. 2013
Celine de Kok /
den haag

Afgestudeerd textielontwerpster (aan de KABK in Den Haag) zoekt een of meerdere kunstenaars / ontwerpers om mee samen te werken. Ben benieuwd naar jouw ideeën om performances met textiel (in de breedste zin van het woord) te bedenken..

Liesbeth /

My roommate and I got this very nice arm chair. However, the fabric has an ugly print and is pretty worn out. Can you help us picking a suitable new fabric, and with refurbishing?
Ideally we look for someone who lives in Amsterdam who can come to our house: travel time will be covered in hour notes.

martin5814 /
The Hague

Do you speak Russian? Will you be visiting The Hague?
I'm born and raised here, and know the city very well. I'd like to give you a tour of the city, in exchange for some language practice. :)
If you don't speak Russian, but you are good company, you can write me too!

martin5814 /
The Hague

I'm learning to speak Russian, and I'd love to find someone to practice with. Maybe by Skype, but best would be in person. I can help you with Dutch or English. :)

11. Apr. 2013
Stroom Den Haag /
den haag

Open Call:  Exhibition ‘It’s About Time’

An exhibition organized by the Time/bank at Strrom Den Haag at Quartair (Toussaintkade 55 Den Haag), June 15th – 22nd, 2013.

Curated by Kosta Tonev


Opening reception: June 15th

Closing reception: June 21st and 22nd coinciding with the Time/restaurant and The International Community Currency Conference.


The focus of the exhibition is temporariness and contemporaneity. All artists engaging with the concept of time either as a medium, or as a subject are encouraged to apply. Known as the 4th dimension of an artwork, time can manifest itself on many levels and assume various forms. Artists today often embrace the temporariness of certain practices i.e. time- or process-based art, serial documentations, accumulations etc. The exhibition will last for one week, giving artists the opportunity to also present works, which would evolve within the space. Artists working in all media, reflecting critically on the nature of time are welcome to apply. We are all considered contemporary, but what does it actually mean to be “with the time.”


The exhibited artworks will be for sale during the exhibition. Artists should be willing to accept Hour notes as payment. Buyers may however be asked to cover certain material costs related to the production of the piece such as canvas, paint etc. in Euros.


Applications should be emailed to

Applications should include:

           •           completed application form (please specify, which work(s) you want present at the exhibition, include photos and descriptions (if necessary) Download application form 

           •           images (.pdf) or a link to a website


Please write Application Time/exhibition in the subject line.

The deadline for applications is May 20th.













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