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Nellybli /

Need someone to read your work and help make it read better?

I am offering professional editing, proofreading and English language correction for all kinds of documents, including websites and blogs.

I am a native English speaker with a degree in Journalism and English Literature and over 15 years' experience as an editor/proofreader.

25. Mar. 2013
Anne /

Ben op zoek naar een oldtimer / oude auto, die dient als decor voor de performance 'alleen in de auto ben ik alleen in de auto ben ik' 20 & 21 april in Hollandsche Rading.

Op allebei de dagen 3 uur nodig, dus minimaal 6 uur mee te verdienen :)
Auto wordt thuis opgehaald & met gevulde tank weer thuisgebracht.

Meer info: (zie je meteen dat we ook nog op zoek zijn naar een website - opfrisser.. )

AmsterViv /

I'm looking for someone willing to help me perfect my Dutch. My level is B2 intermediate-advanced. In exchange I give her or him Spanish lessons -- I'm fully qualified as a language tutor, so you'll be in expert hands ;).

jarnoburger /
The Hague

Hoi hoi
Ik ben Jarno Burger (zie facebookie)
Eens per maand moeten die brieven weer allemaal open.
Ik heb een leuk systeem gemaakt met een profi hulpje.

Ik zoek iemand:
- die eens per maand langskomt.
- een uurtje wilt zijn hier terwijl ik koffie en iets lekkers maak.
- dan mij ff deraan herinnert dat ik de brieven open.
- dat ik daarna die brieven verander naar taken, die ik dan oppak in een todo dingetje die ik hier heb.
- al het regelwerk en zulke dingen lukken dan mij wel voor de rest.

Super simpel dus. Maar voor deze verstrooide professor/artiest een perfecte oplossing :).

Per keer krijg je 1 hour-note terug.

A Publication /


We are A Publication currently in URGENT need of a 600-word article (in English) about all the different kinds of exchange in the art world. How many types of exchange are there? Which types of exchange are most visible? Most invisible? Which have the most benefits for both parties? Etc. The word is your oyster.
If your article meets our expectations, we can provide you with a space in our magazine to publish said article, offer constructive criticism on your writing, and recommend your skills to our network of contacts in exchange.

A publication

itan000 /
Amsterdam - Den Haag (Haarlem)

I can teach you the exercises of Falun Gong.

Falun Gong or Falun Dafa (literally means "Dharma Wheel Practice" or "Law Wheel Practice") is a spiritual discipline first introduced in China in 1992 through public lectures by its founder, Li Hongzhi. It combines the practice of meditation and slow-moving qigong exercises with a moral philosophy. Falun Gong emphasizes morality and the cultivation of virtue in its central tenets of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance (Chinese: 真、善、忍), and identifies as a qigong practice of the Buddhist school, though its teachings also incorporate elements drawn from Taoist traditions. Through moral rectitude and the practice of meditation, practitioners of Falun Gong aspire to better health and, ultimately, spiritual enlightenment.
For more information see

19. Mar. 2013
itan000 /
Den Haag and Amsterdam

I can be a model for a painter,or an amateur actor.

judit.dombi /
Den Haag and Amsterdam

Would you like to study a language a "bit" different than Spanish, French or Polish?
Are you interested in to know more about the culture of the people of Attila?
Would you like to know more about a small nation which received quite a lot of Nobel prizes through the history?

So.... then.... you should learn some Hungarian! :)

As a native Hungarian, I would like to let people know that Eastern Europe is not a homogenous group of people as many of you think. We have great differences in culture, in language and in many areas of life.

Before you even think that we speak the same kind of language like Polish people, forget it!
In addition, No, we do not speak Russian! :)

So if you are interested to talk with me next to a coffee and learn about us, I would be happy to offer my service.

adam uriel /

Would be really helped by someone who can be a 'rock to be build on' and a guide for me in this process of applying for funding, and sponsoring for a highly ambitious high-tech art project.
The project's goal is to realize an interactive painting installation, using 3D holographic projection. This installation forms the last part of a mural I am creating in the 500 year old main building of Leiden university.

am intending to apply to:
fonds 1818
media fonds
leiden universiteits fonds
gemeente leiden
gemeente den haag
mondriaan fonds
as well as to companies for sponsoring.
Japanese, Korean car and electronics companies.

please mail me to receive a project description.
or call
06 33 25 85 73

looking forward to hear from you!


ps: time of writing: 18/3/13. but please don't hesitate to reply even if you see this date being some time in the past already, might still be very welcome.

redwood.martinez /

I'm looking for modest accommodations in Berlin from mid-June to mid- August.

My needs are very simple: just a quiet, small place in the shade. One room in a shared space would be more than enough. I'd be happy to contribute through work/trade in filmmaking, video and sound editing, editorial and copyediting work, but also gardening, farming, and more manual labor work.

I've recently just finished a feature-length documentary about an ecological restoration project run by a utopian community in Haiti: While in Berlin this summer, I will be preparing for an exhibition: and editing a documentary I've been working on over the past year looking more critically and rigorously at the subject of urban agriculture in various cities around the world: But I don't just want to hole up behind a computer for three months and be antisocial while doing this work! As such, my primary motivation behind looking for housing (shelter?) though Timebank is to engage is a more direct exchange with someone who may have abundant shelter through the summer months and who would be open to contributing this resource as a means of supporting this work of thinking critically about alternative economies, utopian societies, urban agriculture, neo-provincialism, and so on.

So, I'm looking for a situation where I may be provided with modest summer accommodations and the possibility to continue my work while being involved with a housing exchange that could encompass implementing a summer garden, editing a video, copyediting a novel, and/or finding another way to meet the needs of another person or community with a spare room or living space available.

Many thanks for your consideration.

06. Mar. 2013
HannahDawn /

I am a practicing illustrator and graphic designer, with a specialism in design for print. Perhaps you would like some illustrations for a website or booklet, or maybe you would like a promotional poster designed for an event. For relatively small scale projects, I am happy to help.

Samples of my work can be seen here:

HannahDawn /

Knitting is an enjoyable and useful hobby. Although spring and summer are swiftly approaching, there are many handy items, aside from scarfs and wooly hats, that you can make with knitting -- such as bags, bunting, dinner-mats, toys etc.

Previously I have held one-to-one knitting sessions; however, I would like to see whether the format of a knitting lesson works within the context of a small group (three people maximum) session.

In the session, I will teach the following:

Casting on (adding stitches onto the needle)
Knit stitch
Purl stitch
Casting off

These skills are required for most basic knitting patterns; however, once you have mastered them, you'll easily be able to write your own patterns.

If you are interested, please send me a message; if there is enough interest, I will organise a time and venue.

Ronald Huynen /
den haag

Voor mijn bedrijf(je) wil ik enkele nieuwe Algemene Voorwaarden en Leveringscondities opstellen. Wie kan me hierin adviseren? Zou je het leuk vinden om een en ander hierover te onderzoeken?

Juridische achtergrond is niet per sé noodzakelijk. Ervaring met het maken zakelijke afspraken / contracten bij voorkeur wel.












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