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smartmartz /
frankfurt am Main

We are looking for someone who would like to get more involved with time/bank and coordinate collaborative local projects. 

If interested, contact us at It would be great if you could send some information about yourself, and how you've been using time/bank.


10. Nov. 2011
Walden Affairs /
den haag

Hallo, we zoeken iemand om +-20 tshirts te bedukken voor a.s. zaterdag.
Heb je ervaring met zeefdrukken en/of heb je een zeefdruk neem dan contact met ons op.

heron stone /

the voice in your head is not who/what you really are. you have been hi-jacked by your own language machine. break the trance. take control. it's not too late.

Shelly /
the world wide web

I need to archive an inactive website, part of an art project done for a film. this would include all files, etc. if it's easy, i'd just need instructions. if it's more complicated it would be great if someone could do it.


Riedstra /
The Hague

Visual artist, internationally orientated, is looking for someone with strong contactual skills and who has insight in the contemporary art world.
A nice challenge to set up a work plan together, in order to promote my artwork. Including contacting art institutions, curators and others. If you are interested please take a look at my work:

Walden Affairs /
den haag

We offer advice on artistic and organisational issue. We have gained experience on the field of self sufficiency and would like to share our knowledge with you.

Walden Affairs /
den haag

We offer our space at the Zuidwal 52 in The Hague for non public events:

- A 19th century house
- 3 floors
- Small kitchen
- Chairs
- Very sunny

pauladiezh /
de haag

I'm an exange student from Spain and I am going to live in Den Haag until June. I would like to meet someone who can teach me dutch and I can teach them some Spanish. I meet more people who are looking for the same so it could be a nice idea to take a coffe one day per week, 1 hour and to improve languages!

elpl /
den haag

Hi There!

I could use some help with my website. I have one, wrote it myself in html, but it only works in Safari. I have no idea about how much time it would take to fix this, but at the same time I would like to learn how to fix this problem. We could negotiate about the hours =)

Let me know if you want to help me out!



Ps. I'm Dutch, but speak some English as well.

alicemm /
Sydney Australia

I am an experienced art educator and can offer you or your child tutoring for the Visual Arts high school syllabus in critical and historical studies- frames, conceptual framework.

Amaia_Zaza /
The Hague

I moved to The Hague recently and I am really looking forward to learning some Dutch. I am from Spain, so I'll be happy to help you with your Spanish. We could meet over a coffee once a week and do 1 hour of Spanish and 1 of Dutch.
Looking forward to meeting you! :)

25. Oct. 2011
artelsewhere /

I am currently working on an project whilst doing an artist in residence in Cali Colombia, and need some inspiration and ideas from different perspectives.

The exhibition is centred on ideas of Time and Worth, inspired by the many vendors in Colombia who sell 'minutos' (minutes of talk-time on their own mobile phones).

I want to know what time is 'worth' for you
if you have any ideas on how I could make this project interactive in some way. I have a few ideas running around in my head but would love some fresh ideas to work with.

In return for your responses I offer you a part in the final tangible stage of the exhibition.

25. Oct. 2011
tapcity /
Downtown New York NY


We are a design competition called Tap City. We have a QR code on our poster now, and we'd like to take it to the next computer-y level by installing a Nanode or Arduino system that tracks movement/public responses/sound/vibration on the corner of West Fourth and Thompson St. As we enter the initial stages of publicizing our project, we realize the need to add real-time data and statistics to our website on the area around the Duncan Dunbar Memorial drinking fountain (the site of our competition).

Our hope is to find and tinker with industrial control sensors, along with the Nanode or Open Source GSM Tracking Module, aggregate data that they map, and display this information on Pachube.

In return, we can do the following:

1. Contribute graphic design skills (poster, logo, pamphlet, etc.)
2. Act as moral and political support at a rally of your choice (within reason)
3. Cook you fried eggs (on multiple mornings) with a whole wheat muffin and sauteed zucchini and squash.
4. Make you an acaí bowl (on multiple mornings) with fresh bananas and granola.
5. Discuss and flesh out strategies for OCCUPY Wall St.
6. Brainstorm ideas for a design competition--or a critical Halloween costume--of your choice
7. Walk you to work or school.
8. Give personal advice
9. Conduct empirical or academic research on urban design, architecture, ecology, the environment, politics, Israel/Palestine conflict, Latin America
10. Attempt to help you write a grant?
11. Walk your dog or cat.
12. Trade in your malfunctioning blackberry for a coveted iPhone 4s.
13. Tweet for you.
14. Attend cultural goings-on around town with you.

sid /
New York City (Brooklyn)

Seeking a partner to walk with me to or from Bushwick, Brooklyn and Manhattan, via Willamsburgh Bridge.

Together we can:
exchange ideas, learn, commute, exercise, and save money.

cisdeyl /

I'm an independent artist and graphic designer. Coming weekend - saturday 29/10 and/or sunday 30/10 - I desperately am in need of someone with a truck (or something like that) to move my studio from Oostzeedijk (Kralingen) to Brongras (Ommoord), Rotterdam.

In return I can offer you a number of things:

I can make you a logo-design
I can make you a weblog
I can make you any illustration or photoshop something for you
I can make you a nice collage made of natural materials
I can make you a painting on a wall
I can design your own personal X-mas card
I can cook you a nice dinner
I can put buttons on your shirts/trousers
I can help as an artist assistant
I can take care of your pets (at your own home)
I can do many more, just ask!

Thank you!












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