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Recent Listings

26. Sep. 2014
bosicontemporary /

Upcoming panel “Performing Objects” on the occasion of our current exhibition “in, side - Throughout” curated by Naomi Lev

October 2, 7-9 PM

How do our bodies engage with objects? What is the role of the object in an exhibition, and how does the body differ from an object in performative environments?

This unique body-object relationship will be explored by three cultural producers: Jovana Stokic, Jennifer Krasinski, and Lydai Bell. Utilizing their background and expertise as a point of departure, the panelists will address the notion of the “body” from an eye of an art historian, an art critic, and a dance curator referencing past and present performance, sculpture, and dance works. The “object” will be addressed in its performative aspect as a humanized entity with a life of its own. The discussion will evolve into the realm of feminism exploring the role of women artists, writers, and curators from a historical perspective, while defining the various characteristics of feminism today.

TJ /
Anywhere dotcom -- prefer NYC

Please translate the English text into Italian.

Please dictate the Italian language as an MP3 (or any audio file format).

Ideally, you are in NYC and can meet, so that I may use my own recording device.

Text to be provided.... 100 words.