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10. Sep. 2014
the popmodule /

RFAOH co-directors, Shinobu Akimoto and Matthew Evans are pleased to invite international “artists on-hiatus” to apply to our 2nd call for participation in our ongoing project, Residency for Artists on Hiatus (RFAOH).

Residency For Artists On Hiatus is a virtual yet functioning residency available to artists who, for one reason or another, are NOT currently making or presenting art. The residency exists in the form of a website, and the participants are selected based on their proposals of “on-hiatus” activities (or non-activities). To be eligible to apply, artists must have previously created an independent body of work and have exhibited in a public context. Selected artists will be represented on the RFAOH website by a dedicated page on which they are asked to post periodic reports throughout their residency. A modest stipend will be awarded to successful applicants to assist in their on-hiatus endeavours. At the conclusion of their residency, residents are expected to submit a written report on how they benefited from or were otherwise influenced by this opportunity.

For a DIY project with such modest beginnings, our first year brought us amazing collaborations and responses that developed beyond our expectations. The scope of our inaugural participants’ on-hiatus activities ranged from meditation to being a full time professor of architecture, from organic gardening to applying to an MBA programme or explorations into various leisure activities for leisure sake. While stepping back from their art practices yet maintaining some life-line to their artist identity, all our residents uniquely perceived, approached, and used this opportunity. Their inspiring posts and final reports may be read on the RFAOH website. We also sincerely thank Mr. Tehching Hsieh for accepting our invitation to sit on our advisory board, as well as those who brought us opportunities to present RFAOH worldwide.

Given the currently topical discussions around the institutionalization of art practice and artist's identity, we are excited to host the 2nd cohort of residents, and continue our discourse surrounding the role of art within the greater culture at large. To know more about Residency For Artists On Hiatus and its first year of operation, please visit our website. Detailed information on how to apply can also be found at

The deadline for applications is September 15, 2014.

Residency For Artists On Hiatus continues to seek a host organization who may promote the residency through their own website and assist in funding the programme. The amount of the stipend paid to the residents as well as the format of the final publication will be contingent on this funding. Should you be interested in supporting RFAOH, please contact us at, or go to our support page to see how you can help.